Are you still paying for that expensive analog Land Line or do you keep it only for you alarm system?  Monitor our new alarm system or your existing system with a wireless cellular and/or internet communicator and cancel that phone service you never use anymore.

From large industrial buildings, to small residences, Royal Protection is committed to providing our customers with excellent detection equipment for a good price.

Wireless and hardwired systems are available for your business or residence.  We also feature automation control with locks, thermostats and lighting controls.  We offer Remote Control for your security alarm system with a smart phone APP from, iBridge, or IpDatatel.


Are you still paying for TWO expensive DEDICATED analog Land Lines?  Monitor your fire alarm system with a wireless cellular and/or internet communicator and SAVE THE COST OF THOSE PHONE LINES!

Our NICET III engineer will design a fire alarm system to meet your expectations and those of the local fire inspectors.  We will take on projects that are designed by others, or one that requires our own design expertise.  Our installations begin with a plan and a non-proprietary fire alarm system.



HD CAMERA SYSTEMS: Clinton Electronics Full HD 1080p over coax - 100% digital format (EX-SDI).  No interference or noise.  Color is bright and clear.  HD Video recorders up to 8 terabytes of video storage.   Connect remotely to your cameras with FREE APP see live and recorded video from your phone or tablet.

We also sell and install other quality lines of  cameras and recorders.  Our experts will choose cameras that both fit your environment and budget.  


Houston’s premiere alarm and system integration company has teamed up with some amazing companies. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Such a mindset usually ends up in frustration and wasted time and money. Who want’s that?  Take a look at some of the stellar products that we are pleased to offer!


In the early 80's, our founders engineered and built the first monitored building lock-up system with integrated access control in Houston, TX. 


Today our Managed Access systems are still custom designed for each client with easy to use software.  We will sell, install and manage your access system remotely.   Our professional monitoring center will provide notification of locked status, door ajar alarms and power outages.


We also design and install electronic access control any type of door, man gate or vehicle gate.